February 6, 2008


Since this week started with Super-bowl Sunday then a Super Tuesday, I can't wait for what other super things are in store.

Sunday, I had to work and since we have to wear our hair up, I do a ponytail with hair ribbons. I try to match them to whatever is going on. Example: At Christmas time I wear red and green. I looked up the team colors so I could cheer for "my favorite sports team" (which was the Giants for that day. I wanted the underdogs to win, because thats what us Americans do). Both teams use red, blue and white. That didn't work so well.
We went to a super bowl party at church, had a keg of root beer, laughed at a couple commercials and that was about it.

Super Tuesday was fun. I L-O-V-E to vote. I've voted in every election since I turned 18 except for one. Cause I vote, I can gripe about the state of our country all I want. If you don't vote, you aren't allowed to whine. I am not so happy with the MO results. Supposedly Missouri is a state where whoever wins tends to be the one to win the election in November

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Jenster said...

We vote in April and I'm anxious, though I'm glad the field is narrowing because I'm NOT good at making decisions. lol

YAY for the Giants and Eli!!!