February 8, 2008


I don't often get very political or comment on un-happy world events. Its not that I don't care about them, its just that I'd rather focus on the happy things in life.

Last night I was watching the newest season of Survivor (yay for Fans vs. Favorites) when the news interrupted to state there was a shooting at city hall of a local town. I was a bit annoyed, because that was all the information they gave at the time. Later it came out that they had a town hall meeting that night. One angry businessman decided to "war" with the city council and ended up murdering 5 people before cops killed him. (Note there is a different between murder and kill). Its a sad story. One of the people in the room said they tried to stop the murderer by throwing chairs at him. What an uneven battle, chair vs. pistol.

I was online on Fox News today. Several of the stories were about shootings- a college, city hall. One was about a man who was going to cause havoc at the super bowl (he changed his mind). Recently, I can remember a couple other school shootings and church shootings. Its sad that this keeps happening in our country. The places may seem random, but if you think about it, most of them are places you are not allowed to carry a concealed weapon. No law-abiding citizen is allowed to take a gun into city hall or their school. Its a shame, because police can't be everywhere all the time.

Most people probably think we should have tighter laws on gun ownership, becuase of this. I think the opposite is true. Criminals are criminals they don't follow the law. It doesn't matter to them if they can't purchase one legally, they will find one in illegal ways. I think we should level the playing field a bit.

In Missouri, citizens are allowed to get a license (after taking a class and spending time at the shooting range) to carry a concealed weapon. The people who chose to do this are being responsible. They are the people who follow safety procedures, they are willing to obey the law. I wish more responsible people would feel a duty to serve the general public as protectors. People who go on murdering sprees might be stopped sooner if more people were able to stop them, before they ruined many many lives.


Jenster said...

All these shootings are just so sad. It's getting to be an every week (at least) occurrence.

I don't know where the answer lies, but I do agree that stricter gun laws will only prevent the responsible people from getting them. The people who really want them are going to figure out how to get them and, obviously, won't be law abiding citizens.

Becky said...

Great post. I totally hear ya! It really does render a person helpless when they are staring down the barrel of a gun.

Personally, I think the media should do their part and quit sensationalizing such crimes, as this lends to even more 'copycat' crimes being committed, as we've seen with recent school shooters who have referenced other school shooters (namely the Columbine shooters) on their websites as being their personal 'heroes'. Very tragic indeed.

After the recent tragic deaths of the teens in our community, I'm convinced that such evils are a direct result of the problem of sin in our fallen world. Bad things happen when people sin, and like ripples in a pond, it spreads out affecting others. Truly, Jesus is the only answer, and it's why we need to spend our time pointing others to Him.

Rob said...

Great post Tanya. I agree with you 100% I would not be surprised if you end up taking some heat over this.

I am always amazed at the people who think banning guns will make society better. Guns were invented 400 years ago. We have 4,000 years of recorded human history and it is full of murder, war and violent death. There seems to be a flaw in the logic that guns are the problem.

Sauntering Soul said...

Awesome post Tanya. I think the saddest part of all of this is that so many people have gotten desensitized to shootings because there are so many these days. I still feel depressed every single time I hear about one.

My younger brother was watching the news here in Atlanta a number of years ago. The top story was "there were no murders in Atlanta today". How awful is that?

I agree with you about gun control. The criminals will get their hands on guns using whatever means necessary.

Robin said...

This was way to close to home, and when I think of how many different town council meetings my husband attends...

Tanya said...

It is close to home. Thats what makes is scary, but I believe in Jesus. That helps a lot.

Spammon said...

Ah, beautifully written. Gun laws hurt law abiding citizens. Criminals DO NOT follow the law to get their guns. Why can't some politicians understand this?? I do have a concealed carry license and believe that more honest law abiding citizens should carry.