February 23, 2008

How I Almost Met Phyllis from The Office

So this story begins back in early June. My husband (who was my fiance at the time) and I were at the hotel, where we decided to have our wedding reception. We were meeting with the wedding coordinator to sign papers and make plans. Our meeting went well and we were on our way out the door. Thats when it happened.

I saw a woman that looked exactly like Phyllis Lapin from The Office. I really thought it was her, but my husband wasn't so sure. I took my MP3 / Video player out of my purse. Luckily, I had a few episodes of the show stored there (Yes, I'm a super fan). We started watching an episode fast forwarding, scanning for scenes with her in it. When we found one, we paused, looked at the screen, then looked at the lady in the lobby. I thought we had a match. I mean she looked just like the Phyllis in the episode, except perhaps a little bit thinner in real life. My husband disagreed and stated it wasn't her. Since he didn't think it was her and I was too shy to go up and ask without his support; we left without making contact.

Fast Forward to February. We were getting ready to make a fire in the fire place. He pulls out some old newspaper and guess who is on the cover section.
Phyllis. The paper is from June when they had a special about people from Missouri and the influence their Fathers had on their lives. Turns out she's from Missouri. Her father still lives in the St. Louis area. She had her picture taken for the paper with her dad for an article that was published in June. We saw a lady at a hotel, in early June that looked like Phyllis.

I bet it was her. Next time, I'm getting a picture.


Jenster said...

I bet it was her, too. They say the camera adds 10 pounds, you know! I wish it added about 50 pounds, but whatever.

Jules said...

Don't ya just love it? So close and yet so far.

Just Because

Melissa said...

Ack!! Doesn't it just figure that you saw her but didn't manage to get her picture!!

Sauntering Soul said...

I kind of think the story of how you ALMOST got a picture of her but didn't is better than actually getting one. That doesn't make you feel better? Okay, I tried.