October 25, 2007


Our trip was so much fun. We got up early and I ended up driving the whole way there. We hit Portillos for lunch where Levi got to have is first Italian Combo Sandwich. He liked it. I think he's hooked.

Then we headed downtown to the Museum of Science and Industry. It was pretty interesting. I liked it. Levi really liked the U-505. I think he could have spent a couple more hours there. I thought that was pretty cool, too. They built the whole room, just for the submarine.

We grabbed some dinner then went to my Aunts house. She has a fish tank full of Nemo fish. I saw a Dory and a Marlin and a Flo and a Its been a while since I last saw the movie.

Sunday we experienced the River walk. It's a really nice park. No wonder the town is rated the best place to live in the US. We went to a Pirate-themed Birthday Party for my baby cousin. He was so cute! He happily wore his pirate hat the whole time. On our way home I felt like making all the rude drivers walk the plank.

Chicago is nice, but I realized on this trip its no longer home. I don't think I would ever move back. I like it better here, we have a free zoo, free museums, free parking many places downtown. $12 to park your car for 4 hours? No thanks. You don't have to pay beyond what is collected in taxes to drive on a road. You can get through the city in a reasonable amount of time. Its just a little less crowded here.

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Manic Mom said...

Were you at the Riverwalk in Naperville?


(and now I can't wait to try out the Wii since everyone is saying how much fun it is! Thanks for stopping by my blog!)