October 9, 2007

A Broken Car

We have awesome friends. We were at church Sunday night when Levi's car died. It wouldn't turn on, instead it made this choking sound. So after trying unsuccessfully to revive the car via cables. We did the only other thing we could thing of. We went to Dairy Queen and got some Ice Cream.

Our friends were so cool, they even volunteered to let us use their car for the day, until we could fix ours. Instead we both took the day off work. Let me tell you the weather was so perfect, I was almost glad it broke (note: almost does not mean I was truly glad, I just like to be outside). So after some flying wrenches, grunting, and angry remarks about car engineers. (One bolt is 15mm and the next is a 1/2 inch. Why can't they just use one system? Its not a hard concept.) Levi managed to fix the car. He went to school, I went to go see my family. It was so nice to get the break from the cube world.


Jenster said...

Of course you went to Dairy Queen. That's what any normal person would do. :o)

Swishy said...

I love unexpected days off ... even better that your car got fixed!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it fixed...there is never a good time for a car to break down. Unless of course the weather is good and there is a DQ nearby ;)