October 4, 2007

Other Blogs

I am a big fan of blogs. I like to hear other people's stories. I like to get a taste of life in the south, or catch up on 80s pop culture. I think it is interesting to get a glimpse into a Mom's life. Its a good way to keep up with whats going on in my friend's lives. I wanted to share these with you. If i put yours and you don't want me to, e-mail me and Ill take it off. On the flip side, if I didn't link yours and you tell good stores let me know.
Bricks Explode - The best place to learn about the pop culture of the 80s and 90s.
Waiting for my Real Life to Begin - How could a girl who calls herself Swishy be boring? She always makes me laugh, by stalking people in coffee shops and taking their pictures on the sly.
True Story - Ashley has the most adventurous stories of "what I did this weekend". Plus, you get the NYC or SC drama.
Old Skool - Jill reminds me of myself a little bit. Plus, I've chatted with her a couple times and she's really sweet.
Steve's Camera Journey - The photographer for our wedding and a friend of my husbands.
Lisa Hessel Photography - A girl I went to college with. She's now the Mama in the boys dorm and I love her pictures.
BSC Headquarters - This is a once a week blog. The girl will read a Baby Sitters club book each week and give you a cynical report about it. Saves you all the effort of actually rereading a childhood favorite.
MaNiC MoMMY - I started reading her blog as Swish mentions her regularly. I like it. Bra Nazi, he he.
The Coffee Shop - This was another one I found through Swishy. I love the design of it and Trish's stories are pretty good, too. I like how she refers to her kids (Son18) without using real names, she's made it easy to follow.
Of course there is also Pop Candy, but she gets paid to write, so its not quite in the same category. I also read my friend JB's blog, but since she blogs on Myspace, I'll not link it.


Swishy said...

Ohhhh! Thank you, Tanya!

Manic Mom said...

SOOOO Funny to come over here to let you know I answered your B96 question on my blog comments and then I see you've mentioned little ole me on your blog! And Swishy! My BBFF!!! And then I come here to leave a comment and Swish has already been here!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out hon. Some of these blogs I know but there a number of new ones that I will have to go check out. Good list!

Jill said...

hey thanks! :P
now I'm going to check out other blogs you've mentioned, because ya know, I don't need to be studying for the GMAT or anything.... :)

Jenster said...

Hey! I read Swishy, Manic and Trish, too! They rock!!

Thanks for visiting me! And now I must add you to my favorites. :o)

(Hi Swish, Hi Manic, Hi Trish)