October 18, 2007

Autumn Times

The season of pretty leave colors is going to be a bust this year. Instead of 20 shades of rust, brown, auburn, and sage, the trees outside my window are turning old brown. Icky brown. I'm so disappointed. I like the leaves.
At my parents house I used to like raking the yard, I'd make a huge pile. It was perfect for throwing my sisters into or even jumping myself. Good times. Well mostly. There was the time my little sister decided to take my car keys with her into the leaf pile. That wasn't so fun.

Once when I was a kid, we were in the Smokey Mountains during autumn on a family vacation. I made a friendship bracelet with all the colors on the mountains. It was more than just icky brown. I think I used 20 different colors. Maybe I should wear it to show the trees what they are supposed to be doing.

I saw a picture of one of my childhood friends who lives in Utah. She took her kids to a pumpkin patch, where they had something that looked like a corn maze. It wasn't corn though, it was a sunflower field, post sunflowers. Isn't that neat? I really need to get out west one day.

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Swishy said...

A sunflower field! That sounds awesome.