October 17, 2007


Last night my husband and I were in our bedroom when we heard a lot of loud talking outside. We looked into the courtyard area, but didn't see anyone. Since it is one of our dreams to star in a spy movie, we quickly turned off the bedroom light. We raised the blinds just a little and every so slowly opened the window. It sounded so loud in our quiet house, but the people below were too involved to notice us.

Our window opening was well worth it. It was our mystery neighbor. This is the same neighbor that if the daughter arrives home the same time as us, will risk carbon monoxide poisoning by closing the garage before she turns off her car, rather than letting actually meet her. All we know is that an alleged father lives there with his alleged daughter.

We listened and Father didn't want to go home, he wouldn't tell random blond lady which house was his. Eventually she convinced him. Daughter opened the door and they spend the next 10 minutes convincing Father to walk in. Finally he went, a little while later a paramedic came and took him to the hospital. Father walked to the gurney and climbed on. I hope he's okay. We never did figure out exactly what his problem was, but my suspicions make me think he spent too much time at the neighborhood bar. Its really sad, we prayed for him.

During this confrontation, Levi and I stood in the shadows peering out the window on the second floor looking down on the action. At one point random blond looked up at the window, but I don't think she caught us. We became masters of staying in the shadow. We spied from the bedroom window, we spied from the living room window. Levi convinced me I need to let him get night vision, in case it happened again.

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