March 9, 2007


Teachers only have to work about 185 days a year. They get spring break. They get Martin Luther King Junior day off. They don't even work full 8 hour days. They don't get asked by Lunsburger to come in on Saturday. They don't even have to work summers, unless they want to.

Why did I not stick with education? Why did I think I wanted to work in the cube world? Why did I not apply for CEO instead of settling for "Tanya - the temp" then accept a promotion to "Tanya the Research Specialist"? Why did I not win the lottery so I could invest and live off if interest? Why did I not pracitice my guitar more, so I could start a band and travel the world? Why did I not have a rich uncle to who died and left me a great inheritance? Why did I settle? Why did I not move to Seattle? Why did I not raise cattle? Why did I not fight in a battle? Why did I not write I book? Why did I not end this paragraph, while it was still intersting?


Roxann said...

I don't know- but I wish you had. ;)

robbe said...

i got to your page through josh sorokach's, but annnyway- be glad you're not a teacher. most of their work is done at home in their "off-time," they have to babysit 80 kids a day who don't want to be there, and get paid $35,000 a year to do it. although maybe you should've practiced guitar more. because being in a touring band is the greatest thing ever. seriously. :)