March 2, 2007

Help! I need a vacation.

Work this week has just been frustrating. Sunday early morning, I told someone waitressing was my "fun job". Ha. We only had two cooks, which ment they were super stressed and messing up. Food took forever and we were short on big glasses. Everytime a customer ordered a coke, you would have to hunt for a big glass. When you finally found one you would have to try and cool it off, becuase it was just out of the dish washer. Cold drink + hot glass = shattering glass. I didn't break any luckly, but a lot of people did, which just made the problem of not having enough that much worse.

The office job hasn't been much better. I try to resolve as many issues on my own as I can, but sometimes I need others to credit accounts and such. Unfortunately, people aren't very helpful. A simple request turns into a 9 e-mail battle, that still is not resolved a week and a half later. If I can't help someone I try to refer them to someone who can and when I get an e-mail I respond asap. Others just don't care as much. Its frustrating. I, personally. try hard to do good work and to be a help to others in my company. I just wish I could pass that attitude along.

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Anonymous said...

where would you want to go on this vacation that you speak of?