March 26, 2007

Smells like Spring Spirit

I don't know about other places, but here its gotten warm. The trees are in full bloom. It seemed to happen almost overnight. This past winter was the coldest I remember since I was a kid in Chi town. Now its so beautiful. I hardly believe it. I can leave the house without a jacket and not freeze my tail off. It smells delightful outside. Its weather like this that makes me happy. I love to drive with my windows down and the radio turned up to loud.

Speaking of the radio. Has anyone heard this song called "This is Why I'm Hot"? Its so dumb. Here are the details of its lyrics. I think I should get into the music business. It doesn't matter if you're talented, think Paris Hilton; it doesn't matter if you have bad dental hygiene, think Nelly and his grill; it doesn't even matter if you are attractive, think Red Hot Chili Peppers; you don't have to even write good songs, think Who let the Dogs Out. So I officially make "Pop Musician" my career choice this week.


Silly Sarah said...

Oh my gosh Ashley and I are obsessed with "This is Why I'm Hot" simply because it's so stupid and makes us laugh

roeyourboat said...

the weather is brilliant in SC. it was 87 saturday. so the beach was packed. one thing i'm going to miss about moving to NYC is driving my car with the windows down.
oh and we do love this is why i'm hot for the reason that its so dumb. "i'm hot cuz i'm fly, you ain't cuz you not" oh really, thanks for that clarification

Tanya said...

A beach, now that sounds nice. Too bad the nearest ocean is a long ways away.