March 20, 2007

Office Wars - The Radio

Maybe I have seen Jim play too many pranks on Dwight. Its possible. We were told that could listen to our radios at a moderate level. So its allowed, but its annoying. All day long I hear whispers of Beyonce's Irreplaceable (Is it just me or is that song played way too much, especially for a dumb song?), and others songs that I can't quite make out. It drives me crazy. There is no wall of separation that keeps Ms. Whisper-yeller's musics away from my ears. The worst part of it is the fact that she has headphones, she just chooses not to use them. Its sound pollution to make me listen to that stuff.

Did I mention I've got a hankering for some screamo or some hardcore? I have an FM transmitter. Ms. Whisper-yeller listens to a FM station. Would that be mean? Maybe a little, but here's a better question. Would that be funny? Heck yes it would!


Nici said...

u r a crack pot! lol and i like that song......but i dont have a radi oin my car (it was stolen) so it prolly is overplayed and i just dont suffer from hearing it as much LOL mr. whisper-yeller?huh? lol

Tanya said...

Its a catchy song. I just don't like the message of someone being replaceable. What do you say to the next guy. The first one didn't work out so you're my replacement boyfriend?