March 15, 2007

Office Wars - Coffee edition

The coffee pot. That wonderful place you meet each morning before you get any real work done. Its where Cube Jockeys get to bond. Important matters such as last nights episode of "The Office" and "Survivor" are discussed. It was great until someone comes here and throws off the groove.

Know what they do? They take bad coffee and make it worse. They put two bags in one pot of coffee. Ewww... Now, I am not against strong coffee, sometimes you need that extra jolt. But this coffee (if it can even be called coffee at this point), is barely drinkable in a regular pot. Aramark is not sold in stores for a reason. These are the beans Juan Valdez and his cute little burro rejected. I don't know whats wrong with these ladies.

After an indepth survey (of about three co-workes) I have discovered that no one likes this "Strong Coffee". This is also evidenced by the pot that I labeled "Strong Coffee" yesterday, whose quantity did not diminish much during the day. Unfortunately, that label was the first and only time that pot has been marked. There is nothing worse than taking a sip of gross first thing in the morning. Is it not bad enough that our office building is across the street from a trash dump, must they try to put that taste in our mouths as well?

I hereby declare war on the two baggers! Its just wrong, very very wrong.


Anonymous said...

The coffee villian brings up a potent question? If anyone, who would most remind you of this certain individual in the Office? Would it be Creed? He seems somewhat villianess. What about Kevin? Hmm, maybe too amicable. Although, he did piss off Ryan that one episode. "Ryan Howarddd. Ryannn Howardd. Ryan maaakin coooppiess. Ryannn Howard." Okay, moving on. What about the most obvious: Michael? He would do something like that.


And as far as Survivor goes, I'd vote off that Rocky kid. Not the most positive individual.

Maybe I watch too much tv? Or not enough? hmm.

Tanya said...

No, I would vote off Rocky, too. He's a wanna be Boston Rob, but since he has no Amber, he's just annoying.

Coffee villain would be Kelly! With as energetic as she is, I could see her as a two bagger. Or maybe Angela.

The Franchise said...

Look at people who have met on my site bonding...ahh. We have REALLY awful coffee here at MTV...don't the higher ups know the better the coffee is the better we will preform...cmon!