December 10, 2007

Restaurant Wars - Coffee Edition

I had the worst day at work yesterday. I got there at my usual 6:30 am start time. The weather looked bad so we didn't have many people come in early. I got my first table at 7:30 and it was a single guy. Table # 2 was at 8:15 another single guy. It was just so slow. Churches were canceled and so people slept in. I guess a comfy bed won over yummy breakfast food.

My regulars didn't come in, which was disappointing. I had baked them some Cranberry Walnut bread for Christmas the day before. I did start getting tables later in the day, but then I got a table of 8. Who sat for 2 hours during the busiest part of the breakfast rush. They left a decent tip, but since they sat so long looking at logos of deer heads and discussing fonts, I missed out on making a lot more than they left me.

The worst part of the day was Coffee Related. Bob Evans Corporate decided to redo our coffee system. They replaced our pots with insulated carafes to keep the coffee fresher longer. Thats a great idea, it keeps it hot and tasting sweet like it is supposed to when it is fresh brewed. But part of this coffee makeover included changing the brand of coffee. They went from Maxwell House Regular Blend to Wallingford. The new coffee is stronger and gross. I am so disappointed. I do not understand why they wanted to change that. They had the best coffee around. So I am encouraging you guys to go out and taste it. If you don't like it either you can visit Bob Evans' website and comment. Please, so I can continue my happy coffee drinking. The people at corporate are the ones who get to make changes or un-make them.


Becky said...

Why do people have to go and fix what ain't broke? ('scuse the bad grammar, but it just sounded so...lame the proper way, lol.)

LOL on your Spice Girls Lip Snyc sleepovers! Brought back memories of my college days in the 90's doing that with my roomies to the soundtrack from Grease and to Tanya Tucker songs. (Of course, I'm a wee bit older than you are, lol.

Jenster said...

I've never even heard of Wallingford, but I can't imagine why they messed with a good thing.

Tanya said...

@ Becky. I have no idea. It must be cheaper.
@ Jenster. Wallingford is a company that makes our tea.