December 3, 2007

Office Wars - Printing

We got a fancy new printer. It is the BMW of office machines. It prints, it faxes, it e-mails, it copies, it slices and dices. It is also located right in front of my desk. I hate the location. Now I have to have awkward 20 second conversations while people look through the paper, searching for their documents or else I have to just pretend they aren't there and hope they don't perceive me as rude.

People try to be helpful when they leaf through the papers. If I happen to have something in the stack they hand it to me, which is nice in theory. Usually I will print several items before going to pick them up, in a certain order, so I don't have to sort when I get to my desk. People always hand me page 3 and 7 out of the 10 I printed, which just made me more work. Thanks.

I also am the tech support for the printer. Every other day someone new comes up. "I heard that this is our new fax machine, do you know how it works?" I of course do, because I'm already the unofficial IT person in my area. I wonder if I can move desks?


Rob said...

Hmmmm, this reminds me of the old SNL skit, "Making copies!" if you don't know it then I won't go on. If you do know then there is no need for me to go. See, I have verbally painted myself into a corner!

Becky said...

LOL, I was just going to put something about the "Makin' Copies" skit, but Rob beat me to it.

I remember working in a Radio Station in college, and having my work table set up near the copy machine (the only space left in the crowded, tiny building). I remember those awkward 20 second conversations well!