December 14, 2007

Concert Review

The Andrew Peterson concert was so much fun. We were on the floor of the Ryman to the far left of the stage. Not the best seats in the house, but we were just happy to be there. The first half of the concert all the musicians sang a song or two of their own. It was neat. I had heard of many of the musicians, but not actually heard them play.

The second half was my favorite by far. Everything went so smoothly, each person brought something special Behold the Lamb of God songs. People would come on stage, sing or play their part then leave. It all flowed together so well.

I had hoped that I would get the opportunity to meet some of the other people from Andyland (the Andrew Peterson message board), but we didn't have a good plan for finding each other. We had arrived in downtown Nashville early and spent some time walking on the strip. I tried singing AP songs out loud while walking down the street, because I knew some of the other Andylanders would be there. I thought it would be a good way to find each other, but no one started singing along. :(

Maybe next year.

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ronzilla said...

You were one of the people I wanted to meet while I was there. Oh well, make plans to be there next year, and we'll do it then.

I did look for you, but I didn't see you. Bummer.