December 19, 2007

Restaurant Wars - Christmas Party

So last night was the yearly Christmas party for Bob Evans. This is the work Christmas party I look forward to the most. The Christmas Party at my office job consists of food (finger foods), a gift exchange (sometimes fun), games designed to make fun of senior management (nice in theory, except I don't know who any of them are), and your co-workers (I like most of mine). This party is okay. Its nice that they pay us to be there.

The Bob Evans Christmas Party is just so much better. Everyone gets to come in with their family, which I think is the best part. I like getting to see people's spouses and kids. Then I can put faces to the names I always hear. The GM always goes and gets presents for each of the children who are coming. Its a potluck, which I think is fun. Donna makes great fudge, Chrissy is well-known for her salsa.

Then we have door prizes. The managers always make sure they are good ones and that we have a lot of them. Just about everyone will walk out the door with something. This year he gave away a tv, a dvd recorder, and two people got a nights stay at a local hotel with movie tickets and restaurant gift cards. Plus, all the other gift cards and small gifts.

I like going and seeing everyone in "street clothes". Since we wear a uniform, I think its fun to see how people dress in regular life. One girl came in an halter top and a short jean skirt, with snowboots. *rolls eyes* Its 30 degrees outside! What was she thinking? I also, really like seeing everyone. We had two of our old managers stop by just to catch up with everyone. I think thats really neat. Out of the 53 employees in that restaurant all but 10 came to the party, and they didn't even have to pay us to be there.

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