August 25, 2006

2 Seconds of my 15 Minutes

So there is this website that I visit daily called Woot. Each day they sell a different product. There is even a link for you in my sidebar. During the week they will have a podcast with a song about the product, or maybe not related to the product.
Anyways, they have a listener mailbag, about once a week, where they invite people to write in. I thought it would be fun to get my letter read, so I tried to write one that was sure to get noticed.

Dear Podcast Mailbag Reader,

Why do you call it a "Listener mailbag"? I know that in days past we had a Pony Express where mail might actually be carried in a bag. Sadly, though the Pony Express has slowly Gone the Way of the Buffalo. Now, we have Mail Boxes. These letters you get are not even written on paper. Why don't you call it the "Listener E-mail Inbox"? That would be less misleading. Woot! works hard to keep their integerity in descriptions of the products, why should the podcast be any different? When I think mailbag, I think of wax-sealed letters and horses. Neither is true of this e-mail address. I bet you haven't ever ridden a horse. False Advertising! I am so disappointed in you Podcast Mailbag Namer.

A sad, but loyal podcast listener,


One week later my letter has been answered....
Tanya's Wootcast


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