April 2, 2006


What should you do when your brain and your heart are telling you to do two different things?


Slatts said...

Follow your brain, it is the only one of the two likely to be the same tomorrow.

"Heart" could mean desire, emotions, will, or wisdom. The first three are subordinate to the mind and the last (wisdom) is when the heart confirms the mind through virtue.

Following the heart when it is at odds with the mind is recklessness.

It may not sound "spontaneous" or "romantic" or "poetic" or any other word reckless people use to make prudence seem boring, but it is wisdom, which is a tree of life and more precious than jewels.

Paul H said...

If it's a matter of the heart, then follow your heart... if it's something that requires most anything else, then trust the mind.

But in all things, seek His wisdom. :)

Chris said...

walk in the rain.
watch a thunderstorm.
take a nap.
(i suggest psalms).
or in your case...
stack Oreos.

Anonymous said...

Tough one. Think about where you will be in 30 years and work backwards. Sounds stupid but a lot of times it works for me.

Eric Wilson

Anonymous said...

And don't ever ever think close enough. I learned that too.

Eric Wilson

Anonymous said...

hmmm, it really depends on the situation. Have a look waht might happen if you do either.
Like... make a list, of waht might happen if you follow you heart, and waht could happen if you follow your mind.
Take the one that's suted best for the situation.

Anonymous said...

Take the one that will fit best for the situation.
Think everything through before taking action.
I'd recoment : follow your mind.. because it will tell you when it's time to follow your heart.

-A B.B. Vampire

Doug Duckworth said...

Follow your heart, logic will always keep you from true love.

Love is not logical.

Anonymous said...

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?
-Jer 17:9

Just to throw this out there...love is NOT a feeling. To prove it, ask anyone you know who has been married 40 years and unquestionably loves their spouse if they still feel the way they used to