April 10, 2006

The Goose

I do not like Canadian geese. They are mean; they are dirty; you don't get to eat them. What's the point?

We have a goose couple that decided on of the little islands in our parking lot would be a good place to make a nest. The mama goose has been sitting on her eggs for almost two weeks now. Everyday in my office people have to look out the window and check on her. Her husband goose takes good care of her, bringing her food, and protecting her. Its sad how many of us woman wish we could find a man as good as that husband goose.

Now to explain my dislike of geese. When I was 11 years old, my parents had to sign some paperwork to buy our house. It was boring so my mom and I were waiting in the car for my dad to finish up. There was this big field that looked like a good place to do some cartwheels and run around. I saw a big goose so I ran towards it to scare it off, but instead of running away from me it ran towards me. I was so scared I started running back to the van, but before I could get there this goose jumped up and placed both of its feet on my back and knocked me down. Never has my mother seen me move so fast, I was like the flash, I was back in that van before she could even get the door open.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, they only do that if you turn around. If you keep charging they start to get scared. A game of chicken with geese. They will back off first. Have I ever told you what Nick did with a goose? Nick runs in the dorm room and shouts, "I think I just killed a goose." He saw a goose staring at him on one leg and looking with one eye. He decided he was going to make it move first so he drove his car at it and the goose never moved. He heard the sound of it's wings flapping under the car. The goose body wasn't under his car so I guess it eventually left. We never saw that goose again.

Another thing that is fun with ducks and geese that are used to people throwing them bread. Throw them wood chips. They will fight over the wood chip thinking it is bread. They will almost take it out of each other's mouth. The one that gets it half swallows it, does this head jerk thing and spits it out. The funniest thing you will ever see.

Eric Wilson