April 7, 2006

My own comic strip

So there is this webside called woot.com where basically every day they offer a different product. What sets this one apart is they usually offer a discription of the product that is less than flattering, but its quite entertaing. They also have a daily podcast where you get to hear a two minute song about whatever they're selling and a contest every weekend. This weeked I posted on the message board, because it was a contest that caught my attention. Then I got made fun of in comic strip form. It a good think I can laugh at myself.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I almost bought the DVD/DVR the other day. What a deal. I will be sorry I passed that one up.

Eric Wilson

Anonymous said...

It is kinda funny.(the comic) You could have done that with anyone though.
Are you like that? -.^

B. B. Vampire

benny said...

it's a direct quote :)