June 11, 2008

With Endless Sight

When I received With Endless Sight so that I could review it for the blog tour, I thought I might be a bit lost. Its book 3 in the Crossroads of Grace series. Its a very good story of redemption, grace and forgiveness. Growing up I always loved pioneer stories, I thought it was amazing how people could survive such an amazing feat, like walking across the whole country.

This story centers around Belinda a young girl from Belleville, IL. She came from a well-off family who decided to head west on a stage coach. Their adventure does not go as planned and Belinda finds herself with people she would have never known growing up as a child of privilege. She reminds me a little bit of Anne of Green Gables in the way she is able to bring a little bit of light to everyone she encounters.

After reading this book, I decided to see what the first two books in the series were about. I found that Belinda encounters both of the girls, whose stories are told in Books one and two. They are now on my to read list. Allison Pittman tells great stories.


Jenster said...

Oooo! Looks really good!!!

Becky said...

I believe I've read the other books in that series. I'll have to go get this one, as I didn't know it was even out!

Jules said...

I haven't read this one, but it looks good.