June 6, 2008

Fatal Deduction

I've always thought it would be fun to have a twin. We could switch places, and play tricks on our teachers. We could be the bestest of friends and always have fun together. Unfortunately, thats not always how things are with twins. Sometimes there is sibling rivalry. Sometimes twins are such different people who chose very different life decisions. The sisters in Gayle Roper's book Fatal Deduction are the second type of sisters. They are forced to live together in their aunt's house, so that they may receive their inheritance. The time they live together is a great learning experience for them both. They learn about each other and more about themselves.

I thought it was a fun mystery read and the fact that located in the book are crossworld puzzles that play a part in the story are there for you to solve on your own.

Now to announce the winner of the book..... Nici at Mrz Dinkela's Inner Thoughts.

Congrats, I hope you'll find time to read it between all the business at your new job.


Becky said...

That sounds like a very interesting story! A clever twist.

Congratulations to Nici!

Mrz Pinka-Dinkela said...

YAY!!! Thanks! I will DEF read it! Somtimes I get saturdays off heehee and I find that now that the new job is so busy the old job is slower and slower so somtimes im bad and read at work haha.....

I always wanted a twin too, thought itd be fun....but now im kinda glad im not. im glad to be an original haha

Jules said...

But no SUDOKU?
Congrats to Nici and yes, I agree with you. I've always wanted a twin like me too.