June 12, 2008

Meebo Chat

Sometimes I wonder. I realize most people who land on my blog aren't actually looking for it. This person messaged me in my little box on the right. Since they "pretended" that they knew me, (which is completely untrue) I decided to mess with them. FYI I'm madamepresident.

[22:48] meeboguest151506:
i am your old friend but anyways i need ur help....
[22:49] madamepresident: what do you want
[22:49] madamepresident: what is your name?
[22:49] meeboguest151506: Well i need to know if a guy likes me or not
[22:50] madamepresident: who are you? I don't think I know you
[22:50] meeboguest151506: fine i was your bff dont help me theen
[22:50] meeboguest151506: bye
[22:50] madamepresident: amanda?
[22:51] meeboguest151506: Yea
[22:51] madamepresident: cool!! I didn't know you started liking guys now? last I heard you had a girlfriend
[22:52] meeboguest151506: yea i know
[22:52] madamepresident: so whats the story?
[22:53] meeboguest151506: well i met this guy at the resturant and he said hey and im like hi and he is like soo wanna hang out i am like sure so what ya think?
[22:53] madamepresident: I think he is definately sending out vibes.
[22:54] meeboguest151506: yea i am going to see him tomarrow night and hang out'
[22:54] madamepresident: is he really hott?
[22:54] meeboguest151506: yea
[22:55] madamepresident: lucky
[22:55] meeboguest151506: he is so hot i could make coockies on him
[22:55] madamepresident: yum yum
[22:55] meeboguest151506: yea and id eat those coockies
[22:55] madamepresident: does he have a hairy chest? remember how we used to like burt reynolds so much?
[22:56] meeboguest151506: oh yea and he does
[22:56] madamepresident: sext
[22:56] meeboguest151506: he so yummm
[22:57] madamepresident: I'll bet
[22:57] madamepresident: think he likes to eat a lot of cookies too?
[22:57] meeboguest151506: bet
[22:57] madamepresident: I know how you like some meat on those bones
[22:58] meeboguest151506: yea and muscle
[22:58] madamepresident: does he lift?
[22:58] meeboguest151506: yea
[22:58] madamepresident: awesome.
[22:59] meeboguest151506: hes calling me right now hold on
[22:59] madamepresident: So are you still in school or have you graduated?
[22:59] meeboguest151506: still in
[22:59] meeboguest151506: omg he wants to come over right now
[23:00] madamepresident: right now
[23:00] meeboguest151506: yea
[23:00] madamepresident: you should get him to bring you some dinner
[23:00] meeboguest151506: yea
[23:00] madamepresident: pie is good
[23:00] madamepresident: for dessert
[23:01] meeboguest151506: He wants 2 watch a movie IN BED
[23:01] meeboguest151506: What u think of that?
[23:02] madamepresident: but your cot was so small. I mean didn't you complain about how your doom room was smaller than your closet at home
[23:02] meeboguest151506: yea
[23:02] meeboguest151506: oh well we'll be closer
[23:02] madamepresident: yeah, but its so hot
[23:03] madamepresident: I couldn't sit with a hairy man blanket on me
[23:03] meeboguest151506: YEA I KNOW
[23:03] meeboguest151506: OH HES HERE
[23:04] madamepresident: wow hes got to live close to you
[23:04] madamepresident: where are you living now?
[23:04] meeboguest151506: yea he is only 2 blocks down from me
[23:04] madamepresident: thats close. so where are you living these days?
[23:04] meeboguest151506: well not much diff from my home town
[23:05] madamepresident: yeah, those tiny country towns
[23:05] meeboguest151506: yea
[23:05] madamepresident: everyone all up in your business all the time
[23:05] madamepresident: more goats than people
[23:05] meeboguest151506: brb
[23:07] meeboguest151506: k back he kissed me on my cheek
[23:07] madamepresident: when you're back you need to tell me what his name is
[23:07] madamepresident: he kissed you already? and you just met him like yesterday
[23:07] meeboguest151506: ok
[23:08] meeboguest151506: ill be on in like well at 10:15
[23:08] madamepresident: the cheek is a lot sweeter than sticking his tongue down your throat
[23:08] meeboguest151506: yea
[23:08] meeboguest151506: gtg
[23:08] madamepresident: well amanda you have to give me a call one of htese days
[23:09] meeboguest151506: ill try if not buyzy
[23:09] madamepresident: i need to hear more about this hairy chubby guy
[23:09] meeboguest151506: well gtg
[23:09] meeboguest151506: bye
[23:09] madamepresident: so one mre thing
[23:09] madamepresident: how did we meet?
[23:09] madamepresident: cause I'm pretty sure your from
[23:10] madamepresident: wheaton, IL
[23:10] meeboguest151506: oh gtg srryz bye
[23:10] meeboguest151506: b on at 10:15
[23:11] madamepresident: why won
[23:11] madamepresident: will you not answer my question
[23:11] meeboguest151506: gtg srryz byez
[23:11] madamepresident: you already said that
[23:11] madamepresident: but you are coming back in 4 minutes
[23:11] meeboguest151506: yea
[23:12] meeboguest151506: byez
[23:12] madamepresident: you must be really bored, searching for meebo talk blogs and all
[23:17] meeboguest246523: u there?
[23:17] meeboguest246523: its Amanda
[23:18] madamepresident: sorry, I was shaving my back hair
[23:18] meeboguest246523: oh
[23:19] meeboguest246523: Well he kissed me and its was on my lips he and i fell down on my bed and makedout a little then he left so yeah
[23:20] madamepresident: woah
[23:20] madamepresident: he moves fast
[23:21] meeboguest246523: yea
[23:21] meeboguest246523: but i liked it so :}
[23:22] madamepresident: does he literally move fast? like walks very quickly.
[23:22] madamepresident: i bet he is a runner
[23:22] meeboguest246523: no he loves football
[23:22] madamepresident: how old is he?
[23:23] meeboguest246523: he is 22
[23:23] madamepresident: 10 years younger than you?
[23:23] meeboguest246523: er um rong age
[23:23] meeboguest246523: like 15 i think
[23:24] madamepresident: younger guys are all the rage these days
[23:24] meeboguest246523: yea
[23:25] madamepresident: tell me everything you know about him
[23:26] madamepresident: I'm so excited for you
[23:26] madamepresident: he sounds like a guy you could marry
[23:27] meeboguest209583: he has blond hair blue eyes 15 sweet smart funny cute hot spicey
[23:27] meeboguest209583: yea
[23:27] madamepresident: cute hot and spicey sounds like a coffee drink
[23:27] meeboguest209583: yea i know
[23:28] madamepresident: but you'd better be careful. remember the time we ordered coffee at ihop and you broke out into hives from it?
[23:28] meeboguest209583: yea
[23:29] meeboguest209583: wells i have to get off the computer srryz bye
[23:29] madamepresident: but the hives were so much better than the warts you caught
[23:29] meeboguest209583: yea
[23:29] meeboguest209583: well gotta goes bye
[23:29] madamepresident: oh its fun to talk about old times
[23:29] madamepresident: what do you remember?
[23:30] meeboguest209583: yea but thats the past this is the future
[23:30] meeboguest209583: when we first became friends good times good times :}
[23:30] madamepresident: Very good.
[23:31] meeboguest209583: yea well i have to go bye
[23:31] madamepresident: I mean I never expected to make a friend at mascot camp
[23:31] meeboguest209583: yea but
[23:31] madamepresident: but what? don't you like me anymore?
[23:31] Meebo Message: meeboguest209583 has left your page


Jenster said...

That was SO FUNNY!!! You're a deliciously horrible person!! LOL

Melissa said...

LOL! You are so bad! But seriously funny!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, very good.

Mrz Pinka-Dinkela said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! THATS AWESOME!!!! What a strange person, random meebo box chat. Im suprised after the hairy stuff , the hives, and the warts they kept on goin! lol

Greg said...

Oh wow... that reminds me of when our home phone number was one digit off of Pizza Hut's.. what fun we'd have

Sharath Kumar R said...

That was some serious raping you did there Tanya ... Maaaaaaan ... Are you cool or what !!!

Jules said...


That was too funny. You can sit by me and terrorize the anons any time!


Jules said...

Oh, and I'm back again.

i forgot to say..... TAG...... you're it....... if you'd like to do it.

Come and visit....... bring chocolate.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

OH Tanya, you always crack me up with your comments on my blog but you have me crying here I was laughing so hard! Back hair, warts, hives, lesbians on cots! OMG!!!! Tears I tell you tears!


Thank you!