May 8, 2007

Grinds My Gears - Pictures

Know what really Grinds, my, gears? Photographs. No, I don't think that if my image is captured on film my soul is going to disappear. The thing that makes me snap is how people look at them with no respect to order and sequence. Take my engagement pictures for example. I start with the proposal picture. That happened first. You should have that image in your mind before you see us as a happy engaged couple.

Then I sorted the picture based on whether they were taken from a landscape or portrait orientation. This is to help people's wrists and necks. I do now want to cause discomfort from all the twisting and turning to view the images from the correct angle. Much effort (a whole minute!) went into this arranging process.

So when I share this joyful collection with people what do they do? They disregard all of my labors. They pile the pictures haphazardly, on whatever flat surface is nearest, putting them in reverse chronological order. Thats bad enough, but some people have the nerve to take it one step farther. These are the people who ruin any semblance of order these moments of time may have once had! They mix the images up! They pass one to someone else, but not the next! They pile them up in any order! With any Orientation! They Don't Care! They Ruin the Viewing Pleasure of the Next Person to Look at my Photos! No consideration for the next guy! I bet they leave toilet seats up and coffee pots empty! They leave Fingerprints! They are Bad! They are Evil! They are...



roeyourboat said...

I'm confused how they even mixed them up. usually when someone hands you the packet of pictures, you look at the first one and then you put it in the back and so on and so forth. IDIOTS!

Anonymous said...

im so happy im not the only one who feels this way. when i try to explain this to people they think im being anal.