April 20, 2007

I'm Getting Married!!

I still don't think it has really set in yet. We've been talking about it since December, but until today, it was something that was going to happen. Now it has. He was tricky and totally caught me by surprise. Earlier this week he asked what I wanted to do on Friday. Being me, I didn't really have anything definite in mind. He suggested we play guitars and go to the park, which sounded great to me. I like being outside.

We played a few songs, then he said he wanted to play a song. He started playing a couple times. It was a really sweet song, where he was saying all these great things. I started wondering "is he going to ask me?" but I thought he couldn't because he didn't have the ring yet. At the end he sung the words, "Will you marry me?" It was amazing, those are the words every girl dreams of hearing.

Then he said them again. I don't remember if I said yes first or kissed him first, but then he got the ring out and put it on my finger. It is a beautiful ring. I kissed him again. Then he told me to me take my hat off, because it made a better picture.

I looked around in surprise. I hadn't seen anyone taking pictures, but his friend Steve was there with his camera taking pictures of the whole thing, which is great! It will make it so we can always remember the details. I'm so excited. I love this boy with all of my heart. I can't wait till we get to say "I do".


Slatts said...

Congrats Tanya!

Matthew10_28 said...

I love you sweetheart! I can't wait to marry you and love you for the rest of my life.

Your Future Husband,

Matt (aka Levi)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Megan, NJ

roeyourboat said...

oh see, see there. Did I not just post a blog about this? Friends of friends getting married and settling down.... May I live vicariously through you, ya know until I want to make out with some stranger in an elevator, then I can no longer pretend I'm engaged, that would be hoish.
Best Wishes. :)

The Franchise said...

Hey that is awesome Tanya, congragulations!!!!

Tanya said...

Thanks. I'm so excited!!