May 20, 2007

May Showers

Today was so fun. One of my friends I've known since I was like 11 is also getting married this summer. Her wedding shower was today. Jo and I rode up there together, since we left right after work.

When I walked into the church where it was being held, I felt like I had just traveled back in time. We attended there when I was a kid, but I hadn't been there in so long. Oddly the sanctuary seemed bigger than I remembered it. We had such good times there. I remember there was one night we had a sleep over (did I mention she is a PK) and went to the church and made up a dance on that stage to MxPx's song "Little Man". We were such dorky kids, but we sure knew how to have fun.

Its so weird to think of how many of my friends are either married or getting married. Boy am I old. Pretty soon I'll be needing a cane.

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