May 14, 2007

Office Wars- Paper

This is in a somewhat response toAshley's Light Green Blog.

Paper usage. Why do people think they have to print out e-mails? It makes absolutely no sense, they already have a copy of the information. I bet if we only printed out necessary things, we could save the company bunches of money. If wish that I could convince my co workers that printing many things, multiple times is unnecessary. I would be glad to receive that $40 saved on each box of paper in my paycheck. Maybe we should just switch over to Gmail paper. At least its free. I can't help but think of all the money the company spends to store papers. Stuff no one ever will look at. Stuff that we have electronically. Several times a year we sent boxes and boxes of paper to be stored. Don't forget the money we spend to dispose of confidential information.

I'm in the wrong department.

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roeyourboat said...

you know how on my blog i said I ordered the recycled paper. well noone likes it and we have to go back to regular. I told them they were all single handedly destroying the environment. they didn't care