October 23, 2006

Thomas and a Green Egg

Yesterday, my Aunt had her first baby!! It was a boy, which is suprizing considering that she came from a family of four girls and my mom has three. They named him Thomas. Its going to be cool to have a cousin on that side of the family. Until now, we had been the only grandkids. I can't wait for my Aunt and Uncle to send pictures.

Arie, finally decided to lay an egg. Hers are green! Now, I'm going to have to get some ham, just so I can recite Dr. Seuss as I eat my food. I'm sure my family will love that! But I won't eat them with a fox or in a box.

1 comment:

Stew said...

Mmmm... green eggs. It doesn't get much better than that.

Wise to avoid the fox, they're sneaky little creatures!