October 16, 2006

Craig and his List

If you have ever been on Craigslist you know that they have ads for just about everything. One section is "Missed Connections". People place ads that are usually something like
"I saw you at the grocery store. We were both eyeing the apples, we held each others glaze for just a minute. I thought you were attractive and I wanted to ask you out, but instead of being cool as a cumber, I chickend out.
I hope we have a chance of meating again."

I like to read them, because I find them interesting. People entertain me. Anyways, I read one that was written about a girl who works at my company. I wasn't sure if it was one of my co-workers, but it looked as if it might be. So I emailed the writer. It turns out he is in another building and I didn't know the girl. Still, he told me who she was and I sent in an e-mail to her with a link to the ad. It was really complimentary, but he couldn't ever really date her. She still thought it was sweet and it made her day. I wish I worked in the same department just to see who the people were. Thats my story of playing semi-matchmaker. The end.

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