October 15, 2006

Marshmallows, Eggs, and Chicken

Mosaic had their yearly trip to the country. We ate marshmallows on smores, roasted hot dogs, and went on a hayride. It was a good time. I like to be outside. I don't do it nearly enough. I spend too much of my life in front of my computer screen doing nothing that matters. We had worship around the campfire, I like to worship when the setting is pure and unadorned by all this extra stuff. Even the words. I sat next to AN today and usually she is responsible for the projector, which makes it hard to worship on your own, but tonight she was able to be free from that.

The chickens have started laying this week. Everyone has dispensed at least 2 eggs in the chicken fort except my Arie. I think she must just be a late bloomer. Hopefully soon she will start laying. I'm excited to see what color hers will be. still it is exciting to be about to go out and collect them. The chickens are a good pets. There is just something really cool about having hens in your yard. They make me happy.

We had a funeral for Emet today. It was so sad. I liked our cockatiel's, although he wasn't my favorite pet. I was still pretty upset because last week he died on my watch. My family was gone and I was watching him when I came home and found him lying down ( which birds don't do). I felt really bad, like it was my fault, even though I knew it wasn't.

I looked at a condo today. It was an open house actually, but I had looked at one two doors down yesterday and I wanted to compare. I really like the location. Its about 10 minutes from my parents house and 15 from work. There was one that had a "chicken kitchen" with wallpaper that I really liked. It was sold. I was so disappointed. I don't quite know what to do about a new home. I could get a house or a condo townhouse. The condo would be bigger and probably nicer, but with a house I would not have an association fee. I just don't know what to do. Maybe I'll find another one in the "chicken kitchen" condo neighborhood, and live there.

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