October 2, 2006

Just because my hair isn't blonde

doesn't mean I don't do dumb things.
An old story I found from my Cracker Barrel days.
I was waiting on this table with 3 guys who all ordered sandwiches for lunch. They looked like professionals probably worked at one of the local businesses. So anyways I gave them their food and asked if there was anything else they needed. One of the guys asked if we had miracle whip. Now let me just say that I was pretty busy at the time, so I was thinking about 100 things at once. I told him that we didn't have miracle whip, but we had whipped cream. He just looked at me like I had lost my mind, which I had. Maybe I set it down on one of the other tables. I really wondered why he wanted whipped cream to go with his sandwich, but I've learned people have weird tastes. So when I realized that he meant mayo and not whipped cream I told him we did have that, and I brought him some. He never said a word about my dumbness, but I had a good laugh over it later.


Eric Wilson said...

That isn't that blond. I have....

1. Wore two completely diffent shoes to church.

2. Fell off the wall onto a chair when trying to climb it.

3. Almost microwaved a can of cheese.

4. Plugged a popcorn maker in and left and it came on and still had the instructions in it.

5. Used a desk lamp to read with in be and set the bulb down on the sheets and I woke up in the middle of the night to the smell of burning sheets and a hole in my mattress.

So dont feel so bad.

Jessica R. Goodwin said...

Aw, Tanya--This isn't a "stupid story", it's an endering story.:-)