July 21, 2006

The Storm

St. Louis was hit by a storm, which is quite normal for the summer. This one hit downtown pretty hard though and knocked down a lot of power lines. There are a bunch of people without electricity. It went off at my house for about 5 minutes before it came back on. 90% of my co-workers still are in the dark. It makes me have a bit of "air conditioner guilt" for the restful sleep I got in my nice temporate house. To me this was just another summer storm, but to peole that I see every day its a pretty big deal. I wish the power would have stayed out at my house. I think it would be fun to be forced away from computers and tv. Then perhaps I could meet some of the people I have lived near for years.

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Nici said...

O never ever wish for power to go out!!! lol I had power too, and comnig to the ymca and listening to what happend to other people made me feel guilty as well lol. One condo building out here was struck by lightning and caught on fire and all 24 units burned totally to the ground! That is scarry and sad. Stupid storms.