July 10, 2006

My Office

Since is one of my new favorite shows, I decided it was time to talk about the characters here on the Commons 3rd floor (also known as the step-step children of the company).

First, I will describe the "whisper yellers". One will walk over and whisper yell "I want some food!" Then the one who sits across from me will reply "No! You can't have my food. Go away!" She never does. Instead she stays and they hang out for a while, before returning to work. This happens about twice a day.

Then, we have my boss who likes to forget about me. There are many times, I've heard "Hey Tanya, I have a project for you. I'll e-mail it to you in a few minutes." Two hours later, no project. I can go three days without seeing him and he is only in the next row over.

K - There are few words to describe her. She is outgoing a bit crazy, but in an entirely entertaining way. She is often teased because she likes men, espicially the Bank Recon boss. She also likes to sing, although I'm not so sure she was blessed with talent for it.

World Traveler - has been to every contient. She's worked here for about 10 years and is really nice. The go to person when you have a question about something. Also, she helped me a lot my first few weeks on the job.

The Complainers - my cube used to be right next to one of them. It drove me crazy. These whiners can never be happy. Everything is a bad thing that was constructed just to make them unhappy and give someone else a benefit.

Mary Kay - she sells it and while she is not pushy, she does mention she sells it. I always feel bad for not wanting to spend $20 on a tube of lipstick or attend one of her events.

M - One of the few people who visits my desk. She is part of the credit card team. She is somewhat of a free spirit, likes to travel. She's a middle aged lady who is still somewhat atheletic and loves to laugh.

TK - Used to sit across from me. She is the organizer, we had nacho day because she thought it would be fun. We also trade hot tea bags sometimes to experience different flavors. One of the more friendly people here, she talks to everyone.


Anonymous said...

"I used to be by the window where I could watch the squirrels and they were marry"

"My, my my stapler."

Eric Wilson

Nici said...

Sounds like an interesting bunch lol Nacho day sounds YUMMY