July 27, 2006

Arctic Edge

Its that wonderful time of the year known as VBS. Its the one thing PPBC does really great. I recruited GG to help me take pictures. Its been fun with him there, the church is so clique, I often feel out of place. The kids are cool and I like hanging out with them, but the other adults make me feel so out of place. Last night GG wasn't able to come and I was so lonely. It reminded me why I didn't want to go there anymore.

On the upside I got to see my little Guatamalan girl. She is the same age as my lil sister M. Her family also adopted another girl who is a year older than her. That family has 5 girls from age 15 - 6 and all of them are adopted. The oldest two are chinese and the rest are Guatamalan. They are such sweet kids.

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