July 28, 2006

Out of the Loop

I am really starting to get upset at work. I am never told about meetings. Last Friday I had a meeting, but I didn't know about it, so I missed it and looked really irresponsible. Today we had the quarterly finance meeting. No one told me, so I start my day as normal wondering why things were so quiet around here. Once I realize where everyone is; I go leave, but I was late. A few months ago we had a baby shower for my boss and his wife. I didn't know about it until someone came around saying it was about to start. I didn't go, because I thought it would look really bad if I went, but did not bring a gift. I got him a card and gift certificate later, but I would have liked to go to the party. It just makes me mad. I try to my job well. Then stuff like this happens and I feel like it makes me look bad.


Nici said...

I'm sorry girlie, dont be sad! Not your fault your job is dropping the ball here......write a complaint letter!heehee

Anonymous said...

You just need to install keystroke loggers on everyone elses computers. Keep tabs on them. :-) Make sure to install one on yours two, but curriously not on someone's who you really don't like. I bet it was him.

Eric Wilson