January 29, 2005

Christmas In January

We had our big sister's day. Instead of Springfield, we met in Decatur this weekend. We ate at Cracker Barrel. It was interesting, my mom let me pay for my own meal. she's never done that before when we go out together. Its nice, in some ways I don't feel like she wants me to be dependant on her anymore.

Then we went to the Children's Mueseum which was really neat. The kids enjoyed it of course, but the had other things that were neat too. I hung out more with my Aunt Chrissy than anyone else. Mom and Aunt Nean have kids so they were more interested in being moms and talking about Mom things. It was still pretty neat.

We opened our presents and all of us got new nicknames mine was Miss Gigglehiney. I don't know where they came from, but Aunt Neans was the best-- Miss Poopsie Rhinotush. Anyways all of us got matching rings so I took a picture of it.

they're crazy

aren't we cool

our new rings

January 27, 2005


Anyone who knows me knows that I am not good at sports. I can barely catch a ball, but I did go to the Basketball game tonight. Its fun to watch the cheerleaders, its a sport I think that I could actually participate in. Usually the games are not very exciting, and not one really gets into it. Tonight was different. The bleachers were crowded with our fans and people from McKendree. Everyone was cheering. People in the crowd were starting chants that the cheerleaders would pick up. It was the best game I've ever been to. It was exciting and we won! Too bad all our games aren't like this.

January 20, 2005

Changing Times

I've changed lately. I spend much more time with my chick friends. Movie watching and internet surfing consumes much of it, too. Espicially sending out random e-mails. Miranda and I have a quote board ont eh back of our door filled with dumb things that have been said-- I don't know anyone I haven't met yet.-- MoBaT -- Don't date until you're married. -- I don't (k)ick puppies.

Its very frustrating not having a car. I'm totally reliant on other people fro rides. Its helping me to develop good friendships and be more studious. I WANT a 4.0 this semester. It's my last chance.

I tried out for Little Women, but didn't get a part. The same people as usual are in it. Big Suprise. I only halfway wanted one, but I was disappointed for Jenny, because she did. It makes me mad that Joy doesn't give more new people a chance. I think that they would suprise her.

January 17, 2005

and if not too late for coffee...

I got a coffee maker! Its very exciting considering I've never had one of my very own before. I'm up late because I consumed an extremely large amound of that dark, delicious liquid. Plus I have homework that is due tommrow. Did I not say I was going to be good like senior boy and get it done early? I really was but I had to read a book that was 300ish pages. Now I like to read and give me a 300ish fiction book--two days. but a book about the writing of the constitution--much longer.

Miranda and I have made a new friend. He doesn't kick puppies. We have started a wonderful e-mail relationship, with entertaining random e-mails. There is another new friend we have that we met at a party that he invited himself to. When we questioned him, we asked where he went to school. He said "MoBat". We laughed. He was strange, but very amusing.

January 11, 2005

Back to Home

I'm here, back at school for my last semester. Its scary, after this I'll have to go be an adult out in the real world. No more of what I've been doing the last 16 years.

Being back in the dorms is so nice. I got to see Miranda, Hannah, Mike, Darrin and all these other people I haven't seen in a good three weeks. My first class was tonight. American Political Thought, I questioned the reason for me taking it. I felt very lost. Then two of my not-favorite people are in the class--loser boy James(I'll tell the story another day), and Brent. I want a 4.0 semester though. I'm gonna be like senior boy and get assignments done early. Speaking of him, we have a class together 2nd 8 weeks, which makes me happy. Even though dating is not an option, I like him to have him as a friend.