January 17, 2005

and if not too late for coffee...

I got a coffee maker! Its very exciting considering I've never had one of my very own before. I'm up late because I consumed an extremely large amound of that dark, delicious liquid. Plus I have homework that is due tommrow. Did I not say I was going to be good like senior boy and get it done early? I really was but I had to read a book that was 300ish pages. Now I like to read and give me a 300ish fiction book--two days. but a book about the writing of the constitution--much longer.

Miranda and I have made a new friend. He doesn't kick puppies. We have started a wonderful e-mail relationship, with entertaining random e-mails. There is another new friend we have that we met at a party that he invited himself to. When we questioned him, we asked where he went to school. He said "MoBat". We laughed. He was strange, but very amusing.

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