January 11, 2005

Back to Home

I'm here, back at school for my last semester. Its scary, after this I'll have to go be an adult out in the real world. No more of what I've been doing the last 16 years.

Being back in the dorms is so nice. I got to see Miranda, Hannah, Mike, Darrin and all these other people I haven't seen in a good three weeks. My first class was tonight. American Political Thought, I questioned the reason for me taking it. I felt very lost. Then two of my not-favorite people are in the class--loser boy James(I'll tell the story another day), and Brent. I want a 4.0 semester though. I'm gonna be like senior boy and get assignments done early. Speaking of him, we have a class together 2nd 8 weeks, which makes me happy. Even though dating is not an option, I like him to have him as a friend.

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lizzielou27 said...

I'm glad to be back in the dorms too!