January 20, 2005

Changing Times

I've changed lately. I spend much more time with my chick friends. Movie watching and internet surfing consumes much of it, too. Espicially sending out random e-mails. Miranda and I have a quote board ont eh back of our door filled with dumb things that have been said-- I don't know anyone I haven't met yet.-- MoBaT -- Don't date until you're married. -- I don't (k)ick puppies.

Its very frustrating not having a car. I'm totally reliant on other people fro rides. Its helping me to develop good friendships and be more studious. I WANT a 4.0 this semester. It's my last chance.

I tried out for Little Women, but didn't get a part. The same people as usual are in it. Big Suprise. I only halfway wanted one, but I was disappointed for Jenny, because she did. It makes me mad that Joy doesn't give more new people a chance. I think that they would suprise her.

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