February 21, 2005


So I'm supposed to write my American Political Thought paper for tonight. Plus, I have a mid-term that is due at midnight. Needless to say here I am writing my blog. I can't concentrate and I don't know what to do. I feel so dumb on my World Lit. everyone else comes up with theses ideas that make them sound really intelligent. I'm afraid that I'll do bad, and not sound smart at all. I'm not worried about my Pol thought class. I can always pull that off, I just can't finish it until late Monday afternoon. Anyways I'm going back to my room now hopefully the internet will work there and I can finish.

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blogger is stupid said...

A political thought paper? Makes me reminiscence of the days of Dr.Cook (the greatest teacher of all time period). Well, I really don't have anything special to say. I just wanted to have a chance to mention Dr. Cook on the internet.

Seacrest out.