February 9, 2005

Average Day

I'm back to normal tanya. Yay, its nice to be back. Things from last week aren't really resolved, but I'm more accepting of them. I just get like that sometimes.

So here's something strange, I went out with an ex on Thursday night. It was really intersting. In some ways he hasn't changed. It was very different to be with him. It could have been easy to go back a couple years to when we dated. At the same time I realied that my decision in breaking up was the right one. He asked me about it and I tried to explain, but he countered all my reasons. I don't want to play with him.

I should sleep although at this point its kinda silly. I have NOTHING do to tommrow at all. Cheerleading practice was cancelled and that was my only scheduled activity. So I'll prolly end up sleeping in a bit and then going stir-crazy in my room. I hope someone can hang out with me.

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