February 10, 2005

Life in general, nothing special

Its hard to write when not much that is blog-worthy happens in my life right now. The guys in my life are being dumb. Although senior guy, has started paying attention to me again. I don't know whats up with that, but its cool. For the longest time he was polite if he saw me, but not overly friendly. It all changed Friday night at mid-winter cosmic bowlin. He went back to the guy I originally met and liked. Still I'm sure nothing will happen there.

All I want is to meet a guy that I have a chance with. Its not such a hard request. Still I do have a great group of chick friends to hang out with. In that way I'm really blessed. I have the kinds of friendships I always wished that I had in Highschool.


Becca said...

Hey woman, just remember our conversation on the way home after bowling last week. It's worth the wait. (I sound like some True Love Waits advocate. hahaha) no but seriously. it's hard to wait for the right guy... but you know no matter what happens in life you're gonna go through pain and hurt relating to love and relationships. It's better to protect yourself now and wait for the right one. i'm told it's worth it to do it right. And I expect that my sources are right. I love you babe, stick in there! call if you need to!

Lisa said...

I agree with "Becca" (I'll always call you Rebecca). I know we don't really know each other well, but don't worry about looking for a guy. The right guy will show up when you least expect it, and beleive me, he'll be worth the wait. Take it from someone who knows. Hang in there.

blogger is stupid said...

Take these girls advice. I am. Accept for the whole waiting for the right guy part of course.

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