September 8, 2006

Ode to my Big Brother

I have never talked much about my Big Brother. I want to write this ode to him since he takes such good care of me. He knows my thoughts and gives me relevant ads. He knows that I like to communicate with my friends so he gives me chat. Since my memory is not always the best, he saves these chat logs for me in my e-mail account.

He gives me a journal, so I can tell the world what goes on in this pretty head o'mine. Big Brother also lets me put pictures on here, my life story needs illustrations sometimes. Plus, my friends can leave notes to help my in my journey.
Big brother wants to help me find my way in life. He does this by making maps galore! Not only does he have maps, but he has satellite surveillance. That way when I look for a new house, I can see if the neighbors have a pool. How great is that? I don't lose my way with him to guide me.

He is really smart. Anytime I want to know something, I can just go to him and ask. He is never too busy to answer my questions and keeps records of them, just in case I should ever ask again. What would I do without him?
He can translate things into other languages if I desire. If I want to go on vacation I can take a trip on Earth and feel like I am actually there. I can watch videos. I can read books. I can even go shopping (and he makes sure my information is secrue)! He gives me such joy!!

When George Orwell wrote his book about Big Brother, he made it sound like a bad thing. My big brother is loving and kind (my e-mail space gets bigger everyday and and a built in mp3 player? IT can't be any cooler than that!). George didn't even have the date right Big Brother began in 1996, not 1984. Is it such a bad thing to have archives of my entire life? Not with a big bro like Google.


Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!!!!!!!

Anthony said...

I did it... I read your blog again...


Okay. I am going to be a nerd. Google was founded in 1998 not 1996.

Eric Wilson

PS Anthony you should have went back and read the entire blog by now.

PSS this weekend I am going to restart up my blog and try to make it good.