June 20, 2006


My mom has started coming to small group with me. Its nice getting to spend time with my mom. I love her a lot. I like doing things with her. The problem is this: I can never be as good as her. I may be better educated, but she has studied things on her own. She can remember prices at the grocery store and know what she will pay at the checkout, I'm doing good if I can remember the gas prices on my way home from work to add onto STL Gas Prices. She thinks things out better than I. She did better on her ACTs. She can cook. She has accomplished so much and is successful, espcially considering what little help she was given.
I just want to be Tanya without the mom sometimes so I can shine.

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Slatts said...

Be careful not to value yourself by comparing yourself to others. Education, remembrance of trivia, knowledge, etc count for nothing when it comes to value.

God thought you worth creating and dying for. And if that isn't enough for you to know your worth, then you let your emotions play too large a role in your happiness.