June 14, 2006

GG's Birthday

Today was the big 21 for GG. I went over to his house and straightened his hair. It looked good that way. If only I could convince him to wear it like that all the time. I was good and came home in time for my curfew even though people were telling me I should have just said I wasn't coming home. They did it with their parents and now after they pushed the limits they don't have the restrictions any more. I wish I could have stayed. Its just the fact that I wanted to be there with everyone. It bothers me, my parents know it bothers me. I feel like pushing the limit and not coming home, but I can't do that to my parents. I know its just because they love me, but I feel as if she is not going to let me grow up. Sometimes its like I'm suffocating. When I was a teenager I always thought my parents didn't understand. Now, I can see that they were teenages to and they do. I respect them because I live here, but I sure don't like it.
Where oh where is my house.

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