May 31, 2006

And so its decided

The past couple days Knight has been asking me questions about how I feel about him since we've been dating for about a month. I told him that I liked him, but he was expecting me to be more attached at this point. He feels like we didn't get to spend a lot of time together, which is true. But you have to take into account that I work six days a week and still live at home so I have family commitment. I saw him more than I have any of my other friends. I also talk to him on the phone more than anyone else too, since he is a big phone person.
Anyways it was decided mostly by him, that we would just be friends. Maybe sometime in the future things will be different, but now they're not. I'm fine with this. I was not in any hurry. As much as I want things in my life to happen, I'm also learning to be content with where they are.

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Slatts said...

Glad that things are coming together for you...or at least that things are progressing.

I will miss you for the next 2 months. Please say a small prayer for my trip tomorrow ;)

God bless you and your fam,