March 20, 2006


Today I got a nice break at work. I had orientation which was a bunch of boring stuff, but I got a nice long lunch and a break from the usual cpcc. I also made some new friends. An interesting friend who I have bunches of things in common with. Life might get interesting again.

I feel so bad for gg. It seems he's dropped off of the planet. I pray for him everyday that he will be able to get things worked out, but at the same time I am making myself give him space and let go.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I saw your title of orientation and I thought that you were going to say someone was gay. I guess I have a bad mind.

Nici said...

hey, cpcc? gg? huh? lol im so uninvolved with u these days its sad!!!!how are you? what small group do u go to?

Doug Duckworth said...

Yeah, let that go, you gotta watch out for yourself.