November 10, 2004

Homecoming Hottie

Homecoming--such magical word

I never got to experience it in Highschool. It was today, well part of it. They picked the King and Queen in chapel. I was on the court. Out of all the seniors at MoBap I was one of three to get picked. It was so awesome. I felt liked and popular for once, so often I feel like the girl who doesn't quite fit in, but if I was picked for Homecoming at least some people have to like me.
I decided that I'm going to wear my sash for the rest of the day just because I like it. Who cares if people think I'm dumb. I want to enjoy my life and have fun. Now if only I had a crown, but thats okay Krystal is a nice girl. Plus, she's an RA so I can see why she won.
Adam was one of the senior guys. I got to stand with him which was fun. Its more fun to share things with people you know, Rebecca was one of the girls. Saturday we get to wear our sashes to the Basketball game. I can't wait.

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