October 14, 2004

Why'd you have make things so complicated?

Sometimes I get so frustrated with people. Mainly guys who take you out and don't call, or who visit home for the weekend and don't call you when they get back. Or how bout those that just don't call. I'm really easy going, but it frustrates me when people don't talk to me. Is it to much to ask that someone who has an interest in me (and I in them) talk to me? That's a big part of the reason why I like senior guy. I'm understanding when I know whats going on, but if I don't know, it really bothers me and all my friends have to hear me whine.

Maybe its just my mood lately. I'm bored with everything. I don't even know why. I guess its just my mid-semester slump. Maybe if the sun comes out I will be happy, surely its a vitamin d deficiency. Yesterday I was really bummed out too. I had a table whose bill was $99.55. Guess how much they left me for a tip $0, nada, nothing. It made me mad and sad:(

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Nick said...

Hey. I called you everytime I was back for the Weekend. Or at least I think I did.